"The Winning Fans" Sports Memorabilia Auctions!


What is a Sports Gear Drawing?

We will be offering great sports gear and give you guys an opportunity to play to win some OUTSTANDING Sports Memorabilia. The current drawings will compose of ten different contestants so each block gives you a 10% chance to buy the Mystery Item. The prices of the block will vary based off of the items being given out. We will then livestream on our YouTube channel and randomly select a block to win the prize presented.

How do I sign Up?

When you purchase your block(s) be sure to complete the purchase form including your name and shipping address.  There are 10 blocks below discounted to $5 each plus a $50 outright purchase feature and a purchase item of a baseball display case.

When are the next drawings

Coming soon we will be having our first two drawings each contest will have 10 different contestants. Each drawing will have the chance to win a signed baseball by a great reliever of our time, and the other a future hall of famer!

Signed Baseball Drawing 1 - 10 spots available - just $5 per block! (Reduced from $7.90)

"Block Purchase Under Construction!"

New products are coming soon!

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