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Hey everybody! I would like to invite you all to join my recently made Facebook page. It is called JR's Helmet Breaks. For those of you who do not know what helmet breaks are this is essentially a signed football helmet raffle. There are helmets in boxes, and there are 8 spots in the raffle. You call out a number that is available. Once filled I will go on Facebook Live and we will do the drawing. If your number is called you pick a box, and you get whatever helmet is in that box. Please join!

Here is a link to the page!

Welcome back after a nice weekend. On Friday, we went 0-1-1 on our bets, making us 90-77-4 on the year. We did not do well in FanDuel either, but we will turn that around today!

There are no bets that I love tonight, so we will take the night off from that.


C Hertl

C Point

W Kane

W Nyquist

W Kucherov

W Pearson

D Vlassic

D Cernak

G Hellebuyck

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