NFL Playoff Predictions - The Conference Championships 2019

Colby Jack's Conference Championships and YTD Report Card


Last Week The Picks Went 2-2 vs. Spread, 4-0 Winners and 3 of 4 on Fanduel Single Game Rankings

The Colby Jack 2018 Report Card

  • Top Picks vs Spread 25-18-5  57.25%
  • Fanduel 50/50 Lineups 32-10 76.2%
  • NFL Group Picks 58-30  66%

18-19 Record 115-58-5 or 66%

The Los Angeles Rams at The New Orleans Saints (-3.5)

The Saints 7-2 home record seems softer than it actually is.  The Saints lost the first home game of the season, won 6 in a row when it mattered and lost to the Panthers when the game meant nothing.

Gurley looked good last week and I expect him to have a nice day but I think the Saints will give their fans a thrill and send Drew Brees to the Superbowl!

Saints 34 - Rams 30

The Selection is the Saints giving the points

The New England Patriots at The Kansas City Chiefs (-3)

This one is:

The Jedi Master vs. a young Luke Skywalker

Mr. Myagi vs. Danielson

It's Professor Henry Jones Sr. vs. Indiana Jones

It's the bright eyed blind guy  in the robe battling David Carradine

The Patriots aren't the same team on the road that they are at home.  The Chiefs (especially Andy) have a history of collapsing in the playoffs but they did beat the Colts handily at home last week.

The Patriots have a losing record on the road this season while the Chiefs are 7-1 at home.

How do you bet against the Patriots in the playoffs?

Um, like this - Chiefs  34  Patriots 30

Prediction: Chiefs giving 3

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Colby Jack's Conference Championships and YTD Report Card


This game is a matchup between Andrew Luck and Frank Reich's resurgent Colts vs. the chokemaster-Andy Reid, The Incredible Mahomes and the Chiefs.

The Chiefs are favored by 5.5 

Expect fireworks with the KC offense and The Colts playing against one of the worst defensive backfields in the NFL.  

The Colts are playing the best football they have played all year.  They handled the Texans and I expect them to cover the spread but probably not win outright.  


(selection is INDY +5.5)


The Cowboys won their HOME game against the Seahawks where they are not 8-1.  

The Cowboys have made it the divisional round 5 times in the last 22 years and are 0-5.

The Rams are 7-1 at home.


Happy Trails Cowboys

(Selection is RAMS -7)


I like to pick blowouts but thanks to the NFL's success at creating parody, the playoffs are so hard to read.

Look at this one:

The Chargers(13-4) are 7-1 ON THE ROAD!  They have a better record than the Patriots (11-5).  However, the Patriots are perfect at home 8-0.  The Chargers upset the Ravens last week and also recently defeated the Chiefs on the road.  

This is another one that I expect the Patriots to win, remain perfect but not to cover.  I'm taking the Chargers.


(Selection is CHARGERS +4)


When they last met, the Saints beat up on the Eagles 48-7.  The Eagles appear to be a better team now and are riding Foles magic that has shown 3 consecutive road wins agains the RAMS, REDSKINS, and BEARS.

I think the Saints are better than all of them on paper but I think the Eagles would repeat if they played these games at home.

They don't and the Eagles are 5-4 on the road while the Saints are 7-1.  I don't expect the Saints to cover.


(Selection is EAGLES +8.5) 

Enjoy the games!


The 2018 Colby Report Card And All 4 Wildcard Games!

2018 Was A Great Year But I Hope That 2019 Is even better for us!

The Colby Jack 2018 Report Card

  • Top Picks vs Spread 22-13-5  61.25%
  • Fanduel 50/50 Lineups 26-8 76.5%
  • NFL Group Picks 54-26  67.5%


W 102  -  L  47  -  T  5  67.85%   !!!  REALLY NICE!

If you have a dog in the fight on this weekend, I have to tell you that I'm not cheering against anyone and that none of these games have me beaming with confidence.  All 8 of these teams are good enough to move past this weekend.  Below are my best guesses!


The Indianapolis Colts vs The Houston Texans (-2.5)

These two teams met twice during the regular season and both games were decided by 3 points and both victories were by the road team.  This one is tough. The Texans won the first game in overtime but fell victim in the second as the Colts strengthened through the season and the Texans seemed to soften just a bit.  I think Frank Reich can never be counted out but, against it all, I'm taking the Texans at home to win by a field goal and beat the line.

Prediction: Houston 27  Indianapolis 24

Wildcard Weekend Game #2

The Seattle Seahawks vs. The Dallas Cowboys (-2.5)

If this were in Seattle, there would be no doubt that the Seahawks would be favored.  It's not.  It's in Dallas.  The Cowboys are better at home at 7-1 and the Seahaks are really mediocre on the road at 4-4.  I may lose these first two picks but again, despite everything I just said, I think the Seahawks are the better team.

Prediction:  Seahawks 21  Cowboys 20 (it could actually go either way but I expect the Seahawks to cover)


The Los Angeles Chargers at the Baltmimore Ravens(-2.5)

The Chargers are 7-1 on the road this year!  The Ravens are 6-2 at home.  The Chargers played the Ravens earlier this year and were beaten 22-10.  I expect another Chargers loss but possibly a tigher game.

Prediction:  Ravens  27  Chargers  17


The Philadelphia Eagles At The Chicago Bears (-6)

The Eagles are only 4-4 on the road this year but the last two road games, in their 3 game win streak,  The Bears should handle the Eagles at home where they're 7-1.  I'd love to see St. Nick (Foles) continue his magic but I can't pick against the Bears at home.

Prediction:  Bears 24  Eagles  14

If you have a dog in the fight on this weekend, I have to tell you that I'm not cheering against anyone and that none of these games have me beaming with confidence.  

Good Luck!  Have Fun this Weekend!!

Week 16 NFL Top 3 Free Picks Against The Spread (20-10-4)

The Baltimore Ravens at The Los Angeles Chargers (5,5)

The Ravens are really good AT HOME but they're not at home!  They have a losing record on the road at 3-4.  The Chargers, coming off a big win against the Chiefs on the road, are now tie for the division and top seed in the AFC.  

Prediction: Chargers 24  Ravens 16

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The Houston Texans at The Philadelphia Eagles

Nick Foles is a Super Bowl MVP, a ProBowl MVP, has one of the greatest seasons ever as an NFL QB under Chip Kelly's 1st Year and came in last week to give the Rams their first home loss of the year.  The magic runs out here.  

The Texans record on the road 5-2 is better than the Eagles home record 4-3.  The Texans have a better defense in light of the fact that the Eagles are very light on defensive  backs.

Prediction:  Houston Texans 31  Philadelphia Eagles 21

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The Pittsburgh Steelers At The New Orleans Saints

The Saints just played 3 tough road games coming out 2-1 while being held in the low teens in points on two of the three.  They are simply a different team on offense at home.

The Steelers play well on the road this year at 4-2-1 but the Saints will be too much at home.

Prediction:  Saints 37 Pittsburgh 24

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Week 15:NFL Picks vs. Spread (Year To Date 18-6-3) 7 PICKS!

Seattle Seahawks(-6) at San Francisco

The Seahawks have a better record on the road 4-3 than the 49ers have at home (3-3).  The Seahawks are a far better team with a lot more to play for.  I'm taking the road favorite Seahawks to beat the spread 

Prediction: Seahawks 34 49ers 21

Dallas Cowboys (+3) at The Indianapolis Colts (UPSET PICK)

The Dallas Cowboys are currently riding the longest win streak in the NFL.  The Texans had a win streak of their own which was ended by the Colts last week.  I don't see that happening.  Despite the Cowboys road record of 2-4 and the Indy Road record of 4-2, I don't see a Indy 3 point spread holding up.


rediction: Dallas 23  Indy 21

The Oakland Raiders at The Cincinnati Bengals (-3)

The Oakland Raiders and the Cincinnati Bengals are the two worst teams in the NFL for Points Against.  The Bengals are at home and they are playing for jobs.  The Raiders should be playing for a draft pick.  Either team could win this slop but I see the Bengals over the Raiders and the spread at home.

Prediction: Bengals 24  Raiders 20

Thursday Night, Sunday Night and Monday Night (see the 50/50s for details)

1.Thursday Night: LA Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5)

I don't like this game but I don't have a crystal ball - just balls of steal and will make a selection KC (even though Ware is down) will cover

Prediction: Chiefs 28  Chargers  24

2.Sunday Night: Eagles vs. Rams (-9.5)

Hey Eagles fans!  Not good!  Wentz is out so if there was even a chance, there's not now.

Prediction: Rams 35  Eagles 13

3. Monday Night: New Orleans(-6.5) at Carolina

New Orleans should win regardless.  They are 6-1 in road games but haven't been very impressive in last few.  The Panthers are very good at home and still have an outside shot at a wild card spot but the Saints are tie with the Rams for home field.  

Prediction New Orleans  27  Panthers 20

Thursday Day Game Bonus - The Houston Texans (-6.5) at the New York Jets

Last week, the Indianapolis Colts ended the Houston winning streak and, although the Jets beat the Bills last week to end their losing streak, NYJ isn't a good team. The Jets are only 2-4 at home while the Texans are 4-2 on the road.

I'm taking the road favorite Texans in NY

Prediction: Houston Texans 27 and the New York Jets 13

Wk 14: Top 3 NFL Picks BONUS FanDuel-Win 19-4; Spread 15-5-3

The New England Patriots(-8) at The Miami Dolphins

This one should be an easy win for the Patriots having easily handled the Fins on their first matchup this year BUT the Dolphins typically handle the Patriots at home.  I'm going with the numbers and the fact that the Patriots need to maintain momentum and won't overlook the Dolphins on this trip.

Prediction: Patriots 30 Dolphins 16

The Philadelphia Eagles at The Dallas Cowboys (-4)

The Cowboys are coming off a big win and a long rest.  They are great at home with a 5-1 record.  The Eagles have a losing record on the road this year.

The Champs go down for the count after this game.  Honestly, It pains me.

Prediction: Dallas 27 Philadelphia 20


The Minnesota Vikings at the Seattle Seahawks (-3.5)

These are two teams heading in different directions.  Regardless, the Seahawks have a winning record at home and the Vikings are only fair on the road (2-3-1)

Prediction: Seattle 26 Minnesota 18

NFL Playoffs


NFL Wk 13: Winning Fans Picks (Win 17-2; vs Spread 13-4-2)

The LA Rams at the Detroit Lions

The Lions offense is beaten up!  The Rams are coming off a bye and rested.  The only Rams loss on the road was to the New Orlean Saints.  The Lions who are 3-3 at home, aren't the Saints.

(a scene from Rocky 3)

Interviewer: What's your prediction for the fight?

Clubber Lang: My prediction?

Interviewer: Yes your prediction.

(Clubber looks into the Camera)

Clubber Lang:Pain!

Prediction: Rams 35  Lions 14 (Pain)

The Cleveland Browns at the Houston Texans

I, like the rest of America, am excited about the Browns starting to become a good team.  But let's not get carried away!  Houston's won 8 in a row and the Browns are 1-4 on the road.

There should be some dog in the fight but, ultimately, the Browns just ain't that good yet.

Prediction: Houston 28  Cleveland 14

New Orleans Saints vs. The Dallas Cowboys

I'm glad this is on prime-time television or the Saints may walk into a trap game.  The Cowboys are on a 3-game winning streak and, if they somehow win this game, all the Cowboys fans will reappear in neighborhoods around the country.  Don't count on it!

The Saints are the best team in the NFC at 10-1 having given the Rams their only loss of the season. 

Drew Brees has scored 4 times in each of the last 4 games.

Prediction: New Orleans 34 Dallas 20

NFL Wk 12: Winning Fans Picks (H2H 13-1; vs Spread 10-2-2)


Frank Reich has the Colts moving upward with a current 4 game winning streak.  The Miami Dolphins are 1-4 on the road.  Should be a big day for Andrew Luck as the Colts extend their winning streak to 5.



The Broncos are just 2-3 at home.  The Steelers are 4-0-1 on the road. The Broncos are coming off a huge win in San Diego but can't finish to pull back to back upsets.  


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I hate these high-spread games but:

The Chargers are two games up in the last AFC wildcard spot and 1.5 games behind KC in the AFC West.  They cannot rest.  The Cardinals, however, can starting making plans for the off-season.  They just lost a home game to the Oakland Raiders!


WEEK 12 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING PICK (H2H 12-1; vs. Spread 9-2-2)

Keeping this simple:  The Saints are unbelievable at home!  Did you see them tear up the Eagles?  I  think the Falcons offense is currently playing better than the Eagles, and I know that the Saints -13 is a huge line but I'm taking them anyway.  Stay tuned as we will offer free picks for sports betting throughout the NFL Playoffs!

Prediction?  Saints 37 - Falcons 17

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NFL Wk 11: Winning Fans Picks (H2H 8-1; vs Spread 7-1-1)

Pittsburgh Steelers at The Jacksonville Jaguars - Won H2H but lost vs spread - Final Pit 20 Jac 16

Sports Tips:

The Steelers have won 5 straight and are undefeated on the road.  The Jaguars have lost the last 5 games and are just 2-3 at home.

NFL Lines (PIT -5.5)

PREDICTION: Pittsburgh wins by two scores 28-14

The Steelers widen thier lead inth AFC North while the Jaquars take firm control over last place.

Cincinnati Bengals at The Baltimore Ravens - Won h2h but tied vs spread - Final BAL 24 CIN 21

Sports Tips:

Both teams are on the decline and, although the Bengals have a better record and the Ravens are on a three game skid, I like the Ravens to win at home even though they are 2-2 there.


NFL Lines (BAL -3)

PREDICTION: Baltimore 27 - Cincinnati 14

After the game, both teams will be at 5-5.  They will be 2.5 games behind the Steelers and beginning to settle into mediocrity.

The Philadelphia Eagles at the New Orlean Saints - Won h2h and vs. spread - Final NOS 48 - PHI 7

Sports Tips:

The reigning Champion Philadelphia Eagles are 2-2 on the road.

The Saints have won their last 8 games and are the best team in the NFC.  They are also at home.

NFL Lines (NO- 7.5)

PREDICTION: New Orleans 38-Philadelphia 24

The Saints win their 9th straight and top seed in the NFC.

The talk of the Eagles and playoffs stops .  At 4-6,  Eagles hopes for this year fade to black.