NFL PLayoff Bracket Standings

Welcome To The NFL Playoff Bracket Challenge!

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE. Standings will update after the completion of games during NFL playoffs and you can check back here to see the updated rankings.

*Reminder your username is the first three letters of your last name followed by your favorite players last name. 

The RULES for "Free NFL Playoff Brackets" are simple and fairly standard:

-Each win in the Wildcard Round (1st Round) is worth 1 point each (4 games = 4 points maximum for round)

-Each win in the Divisional Round (2nd Round) is worth 2 points each (4 games(x2)=8 points maximum for round)

-Each win in the Conference Championship is worth 3 points each (2 games (x3)=6 points maximum for round)

-The Superbowl is worth 4 points


In the event of a tie, the total points of the Superbowl and a second tie-breaker (should it be necessary) will be the total points from the ProBowl.


The 3 highest scores win a NFL Football Jersey from their favorite player (listed on their form along with the size)

The top 25 players will get a Top Performer recognition certificate.

Contest Rules for The Winning Fans Free NFL Playoff Brackets NFL Playoff Brackets Challenge

Organization Name & Address

The Winning Fans

744 South Street #788

Philadelphia, PA 19147

* Date of Contest

One entry per eligible participant.  All submissions must be received prior to the first NFL playoff game kick-off on January 5th 2019.

Contest Name: Free NFL Playoff Brackets

Basis: Brackets Contest Based on Forecasted Wins and Losses from NFL Playoffs

The 3 Grand Prize winners (3) will be determined after the SuperBowl on February 3rd 2019 based on the results of the contest.

* Eligibility of contestants

The contest it available to citizens of the US and Canada over the age of 14 years old and are limited to one entry per person with a maximum of 250 total entrants.  Results will be posted weekly and final results will be posted upon completion of the contest - the first week following the Superbowl.  There are no cash prizes.

* Obligations

All contestants must complete the bracket in full and accompanying questionaire.  Incomplete or duplicate entries will be discarded.  TheWinning Fans and it's management are volunteers and this site is for entertainment only.  

* Sponsors is offering this contest for entertainment purposes and without profit motive.  

* Liabilities

TheWinningFans liabilities are limited to providing 3 football jerseys to 3 individuals selected or determined to be the winners of the NFL Playoff Brackets Challenge.

No puchase is necessary to participate.