NEvsKC Fanduel AFC Championship Rankings

1 of 2 FanDuel Single Games - AFC Championship

The New England Patriots vs. The Kansas City Chiefs

The Old Man Brady vs. The Young Buck Mahomes; The Genius Belichick vs. Andy "Chokes Often In Big Games" Reid

It's scary but having picked the Chiefs makes my lineups Chiefs Heavy!  If I wasn't running at nearly 80% on my lineups, I'd feel pretty scared about what I'm going to do this week!

Here's my lineup:

Mahomes - MVP

KC RB Williams for 13.5k

(I skipped Brady because I can get more value to spread his salary out)

KC TE Kelce for 12.5k

KC WR Sammy Watkins 

and my only NE Player?

K Gostowski

If the Chiefs don't win big?  I lose.

Oh well, rolling the dice - that's my lineup - good luck with yours!

AFC Championship VS The Spread

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LARvsNO Fanduel NFC Championship Rankings

2 of 2 FanDuel Single Games - NFC Championship

The Los Angeles Rams vs. The New Orleans Saints

The Rams are good on the road but tappered off toward the end of the season, just a tad.  The Saints are better than their 6-2 home record indicates.  

The playoffs so far in 2019 have been a lot of fun.  This is poised for a high scoring battle and should be very entertaining.  The prediction and rationalization is available at the link to the right.

Regardless, the rankings are above and I'm going to pick my lineup. Both of these teams are a bit vulnerable to a running game but the rankings indicate heavy passing - go figure.

Here's my selections:

Drew Brees - MVP

Jared Goff

(I wanted both QBs but it left me a bit strapped-so I struggled from there)

I took Ted Ginn to free up some money 

Added Robert Woods 

Finally Mark Ingram

I'm not looking back!  Hopefully, there will be lots of passing!

That's my lineup!  Good luck with yours!  Enjoy the games.

NFC Championship Pick VS Spread

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 Fanduel Rankings

Free Fanduel NFL Rankings-Divisional Round #1 of 4 Games

The Indianapolis Colts at the Kansas City Chiefs

Howdy!  Last week we went 3 for 4.  The one we lost on Fanduel was the game between the Colts and the Texans.  Do you remember when Andrew Luck knelt down 3 times at the end of the game?

Those 3 rushing yardage losses dropped us from 50th to 51st and out ofthe money.

Therefore, our 2019 record for FanDuel player ranking wins is at 29-9 or 76.3%

If you want to see this game as a free pick against the spread, go to Colby Jack's NFL Picks.

Above are the Fanduel Single Game Rankings for the first game of the Divisional Round of the Playoffs.

I'm expecting a lot of offense in this game and I don't want to miss out on either QB but they are expensive and together will make up over half the budget with 3 players left to pick.  

Mahomes is at home and a flat out stud but has no playoff experience and the Colts D is playing good football.  It's a push between him and Andrew Luck as starting MVP.  I wil take Mahomes because he is at home and, if he does fall behind, the Chiefs have a tendency to completely abandon the running game.

Ok 1. Mahomes MVP

2. Luck 

3. Williams for KC

4. Conley for KC

5. Adam Vinatieri IND K

Ok that's my lineup - Good Luck with Yours!  I hope that at the end, we're 30-9 in FanDuel 50/50s

Keep scrolling down for games 2-4 this weekend!

Colby Jack's NFL Playoff Picks vs Spread

Here's the games for FanDuel.  Click below if you are looking for Free Picks against the Spread

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Free Fanduel NFL Rankings-Divisional Round #2 of 4 DAL vs LAR

Free Fanduel NFL Rankings-Divisional Round #2 of 4 Games

The Dallas Cowboys at The Los Angeles Rams

While I expect this to be the game that sends the Cowboys moseying back to their Ranches, that only matters for FanDuel rankings due to their expected Fantasy Performance.  

Above are the Fanduel Single Game Rankings for the DAL vs LAR.

The odd thing is that I can't remember the last time I put in a lineup without a QB and the expectations for this game are pretty much telling me to do just that.

I'm expecting Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliott to outperform Goff and Prescott and there isn't enough money to have all 4.

OK Here's my lineup:

MVP Todd Gurley

2. Ezekiel Elliott

3. Tavon Austin (cheap with good matchup)

4. Robert Woods

5. Greg Zuerlein (a kicker?!)

Regardless of what you think, that's my lineup.  Good Luck with yours.  Scroll Down for games 3 and 4.

If You Want To See Colby Jack's Pick For This Game Against The Spread...

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Free Fanduel NFL Rankings-Divisional Round #3 of 4 Games

The Los Angeles Chargers at The New England Patriots

Chargers are strong on the road at 8-1 and the Pats are 8-0 at home.  This should be a good game.  I'm glad that this is just about the FanDuel fantasy points.  These games are so close - look above for the FanDuel Fantasy Rankings.  The game should be pretty close but I am heavy Patriots at the top of the list.  

Here is my selections:

1. Tom Brady MVP

2. Mike Williams LAC WR

3. Sony Michel

4. Julian Edelman

5. Tyrell Williams

That's my lineup!  Good Luck with yours!

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Free Fanduel NFL Rankings-Divisional Round #3 of 4 Games

The Philadelphia Eagles at the New Orleans Saints

The Voodoo of New Orleans goes head to head with the Divine Magic of Nick Foles and his Philadelphia Eagles.

Like every other game in the Divisional Round, there's a pick against the spread in the Free NFL Pick section.

Above is the lineup for the Single Game 50/50 challenge on FanDuel.  I play it for both 50/50 and Tournament.  Regardless, it's been a great year for single game challenges on FanDuel.

Here comes my lineup based on the above rankings:

1. Drew Brees at home

2. Michael Thomas in lieu of Ted Ginn

3. Darren Sproles is cheap and a former Saint

4. Nick Foles is magic

5. Trequan Smith rounds it out with the final 6k

That's it!  4 lineups!

I'm in for all four games -good luck picking your lineups!

Free NFL Picks For The Divisional Round

Below is the link for all 4 weekend games against the spread.  Have fun!

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4th Of 4 - Wildcard Weekend-FanDuel NFL Rankings

The Philadelphia Eagles vs The Chicago Bears

Are you old enough to remember the FOG BOWL?

No fog in the forecast today.  The Eagles are hot and the Bears are great at home at 7-1

The above listings are fairly evenly split.

Ok, here comes my lineups.

Trubinski MVP

with Foles closely behind as number 2

Darren Sproles as 3

with Agholor and Robinson II as 4 and 5

It scares me that I'm so light on the running game but at least I've spent 100% of the budget with no remainder.

That's my lineup.  Good Luck with Yours!

This Game Pick versus The Spread

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3rd Of 4 - Wildcard Weekend-NFL Fanduel Rankings

The Los Angeles Chargers vs. The Baltimore Ravens

CELEB STURGIS IS AN ERROR.  THE KICKER SHOULD ACTUALLY BE MICHAEL BADGLEY BUT THE NUMBERS ARE THE SAME. I see a repeat of Week 16 when the Ravens handled the Chargers pretty easily.  The kickers are ranked really high but I typically like to skip them and pick position players.  I don't know that I can ignore them this week.

Also notice that the top 4 ranked players  are 3 Ravens and 1 Charger.

OK, here goes my FanDuel 50/50 lineup:

I'm taking Lamar Jackson as my MVP

he's not the top player but is expected to have the overall highest fantasy points.

then Gus Edwards


P Rivers

W Snead

Wildcard Weekend Picks vs The Spread

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Fanduel Rankings for NFL Playoffs

2nd Of 4 - Wildcard Weekend-NFL Fanduel Rankings

The Seattle Seahawks vs. The Dallas Cowboys;

Above is the Fanduel Rankings for the second game on Wildcard Saturday.

Seattle is a better team but the Cowboys own home field and are 7-1 there this year.

The above rankings are pretty Dallas heavy.

Here's my lineup:

Ezekiel Elliott is my MVP

I'll take  WR Gallup to get a touchdown at some point

I expect Russell Wilson to have to throw so also taking Lockett and RB Davis who is the RB for passes.

Unfortunately that's $1k too expensive and not allowed so let me try again

Here goes:

Elliott MVP

Russell Wilsom

Amari Cooper 

Tyler Lockett


That's my lineup! Good luck picking yours.

NFL Wildcard Picks

OK, here's a link to my Wildcard picks.  It didn't exist prior to the Texans game since this ranking is for tonight's game.  I'm proud of my integrity posting this link while I've picked the Texans over the  Colts and they're losing 21 to zip right now. Whatever!

Wildcard Weekend Picks

1st Of 4 - Wildcard Weekend-NFL Fanduel Rankings

The Indianapolis Colts at The Houston Texans

As has been the case all year.  We are looking for the best bang per buck.  The rankings are based on the game results predictions from the NFL Playoff Predictions page (link on the left).  We will have all four fantasy rankings for Fanduel players for the upcoming week as it rolls closer.

The above rankings are for the Colt and Texans.  Below are my lineups, which through the season were 26-8.  I hope to do as well in the playoffs.

Here's my lineup:

Ist my MVP (which scores 1.5X points in Single Game Fanduel Challenges).

I'm taking Andrew Luck at $16k

*2. Zach Pascal at $7k  (check back though - he's currently on the injury report as questionable)

*3. TY Hilton at 13 (but he is definitely a risk also listed as questionable.  Everyone should be available at game time but check back on Hilton also)

4. Deshaun Watson (no-brainer #2)

5. (with 8k left)Chester Rodgers completes the lineup

That's it for the first game.  The Seahawks Dallas will be next up!

That's my lineup - good luck picking yours!  Enjoy Wildcard Weekend!

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Wk 16 Monday Night NFL - FanDuel Single Game(25-8)

The Denver Broncos at The Oakland Raiders

This could be the last NFL game at the Coliseum in Oakland as the Raiders are heading to Las Vegas.  It's also the last Monday Night Football game of 2018.

Both of these teams are out of playoff contention.  The Raiders have given up more points than anyone else in the NFL and, even thought this isn't an actual pick, I'm thinking the Broncos should end with a win so I'm making Phillip Lindsay the top ranked and MVP in my lineup.

The full rankings are above.  Mine will be:

Phillip Lindsay MVP

(if I skip Derek Carr)

Tim Patrick

Jared Cook

Seth Roberts

R Freeman

I hope the rankings are a nice Holiday gift for you instead of an expense! Well that's my lineup - good luck creating your own and have fun!

Week 16- Top 3 Picks

If you've been keeping score on our Top NFL Picks - Click below to see the results of a tough week! Wrapping up the NFL Regular Season at 21-12-4

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Rankings for NOvsCAR

Wk 15 Monday Night NFL - FanDuel Single Game(24-6 .800)

About The Week 15 Monday Night Rankings

I took a big lump on the head this weekend with my football picks.  So far I'm 2-4 on this crazy NFL week so my year to date record stands at 20-10-3.

Here's the problem I see -this game could go either way.  The line favors the Saints (-6.5) and they are good on the road at 5-1 but not great!

In the last three meetings, the Saints have won all 3.  The Panthers are 5-1 at home so they play well there.

I'm going against many who are calling for the upset but ever so slightly.

Prediction: New Orleans 27 Carolina 20

But that's not what we're doing on this page.  We're picking our Single Game Fanduel Lineup!

I did win the both the 50-50 and made some money on the FanDuel Tournament last night as well so we're 24-6 (.800) which I'm very happy with.  Hopefully, we'll get another win tonight.  

If you look at the rankings above, there are several ways to play tonight.

Even though I'm selecting the Saints, I'm going a bit top-heavy with the Panthers.

My lineup is:

MVP McCaffery



(this leaves me with only 12k left so I'm taking Smith(WR NO) and Watson(TE NO) as my last two.

That's it!  Good Luck picking yours an have fun!

Week 15 Top NFL Picks

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Week 14 Monday Night Football - Fanduel Single Game (22-5)

The Minnesota Vikings at The Seattle Seahawks by Colby Jack @brieandjam1

Hmmm.  Where to start with our daily NFL fantasy lineups?  Firstly, remember that the salary pool in the Fanduel 50/50s is fixed.  The idea is to find out which players will outperform their FanDuel Salary in fantasy points. That's the optimum way to achieve high quality FanDuel NFL Rankings.

Seattle has a winning record at home and the Vikings have a losing record on the road (2-3-1).  Diggs and Baldwin are both questionable-a bigger loss for MIN than SEA.

Here's the rankings:

Player Name     Position     Team     Opp     FanDuel $     Rank per $1k

Russell Wilson     QB          SEA     MIN           16.5          1.58

Kirk Cousins     QB          MIN     @SEA          16          1.56

Chris Carson     RB          SEA     MIN          12          1.25

Adam Thielen     WR          MIN     @SEA          14.5          1.24

Aldrick Robinson     WR          MIN     @SEA          6.5          1.23

Tyler Lockett     WR          SEA     MIN          12.5          1.04

Jaron Brown     WR          SEA     MIN          9.5          .85

Sebastian Janikowski     K          SEA     MIN          9     .67

Dalvin Cook     RB          MIN     @SEA          12          .66

Dan Bailey     K          MIN     @SEA          8.5          .59

*Stefon Diggs     WR     MIN     @SEA          14          .43

Kyle Rudolph     TE          MIN     @SEA          8.5          .35

Rashaad Penny     RB          SEA     MIN          9          .34

David Moore     WR          SEA     MIN          9.5          .32

*Doug Baldwin     WR          SEA     MIN          10          .20

If you know of a player that isn't on here it's because I believe that their fantasy value is below the players actually ranked on the above list.

Here's my lineup:

Russell  Wilson is my MVP (1.5x points)

Kirk Cousins

Chris Carson

Get a cheap Aldrick Robinson

leaving 9k - the exact price of Sebastian Janikowski

Then I look at it and think what I always think - doesn't look to good.  The reason people always second guess their forecasts is that it's fortune telling and the outcome is very uncertain.  That, to me, is what makes this fun.  Hoping to go over 80% with my picks on the year with this weekend but we'll have to wait and see.

Anyway, that's my lineup - feel free to use it if you like it, otherwise Good Luck and Have Fun regardless!


Monday Night Football - Fanduel 50/50 Rankings - Now 18-5!

The Washington Redskins at The Philadelphia Eagles

Player                    Position          Team          Opp          FanDuel (000s)           Point Value per $1k

Carson Wentz       QB                 PHI          WAS               16                                        1.5

Colt McCoy             QB                WAS      @PHI               14                                        1.35

Wendell Smallwood  RB          PHI          WAS                 7                                         1.29

Golden Tate             WR               PHI          WAS              9.5                                        1.05

Zach Ertz                   TE                 PHI          WAS               14,5                                    1.04

Adrian Peterson   RB                WAS       @PHI              12.5                                     0.96

Dustin Hopkins     K                   WAS       @PHI               9                                           0.89

Jordan Reed            TE                WAS       @PHI              11.5                                     0.86

Jake Elliott               K                    PHI           WAS              9.5                                       0.74

Josh Doctson        WR                WAS       @PHI             10                                         0.6

Chris Thompson  RB                 WAS       @PHI              9                                           0.55

Maurice Harris     WR               WAS       @PHI              6.50                                    .46

Nelson Agholor    WR                PHI         WAS                8                                          0.38

Josh Adams             RB                 PHI         WAS              13.5                                     0.3

Alshon Jeffery       WR               PHI         WAS              10                                         0.3

Dallas Goedert      TE                 PHI         WAS                7                                          0.29

Vernon Davis          TE                WAS      @PHI                7                                         0.28

Jamison Crowder WR             WAS      @PHI            7.50                                       .26

Trey Quinn               WR              WAS     @PHI             9.50                                       .21

Darren Sproles      RB                PHI          WAS            6.5                                          0.1

Above are the FanDuel 50/50, Single Game Rankings for Monday Night Football.  

Firstly, I am not picking a winner in this game.  The line is Eagles -6.5.

Even with Cody McCoy throwing against the no-name, hugely depleated Eagles defensive backfield, I can't predict a winner against the spread.  I expect the Eagles to win but not sure they will cover so I have no pick for this game.

I am going to play 50/50 however.  The rankings have helped me to go 18-5 on these Thurs/Sat/Monday night football games.

Ok now I'm going to pick my lineup.

Wentz - he may have an inconsistent offensive line but he's the best player in this matchup.  He's 16k an for me that' ok!

Then Colt.


Tate and Peterson

Peterson is listed as questionable so I will keep an eye on that  but -

That's my lineup.  It looks shaky as usual but typically works out. Sad to leave $1k in the salary pot but I'll leave the seond guessing for when the game starts.

Good Luck setting your lineup!  Have fun and enjoy the game!


Monday Night Football - Fanduel 50/50 Rankings - Now 17-4!

The Tennessee Titans at The Houston Texans

How about that game last Monday between the Chiefs and the Rams?  What a great game!  TheWinningFans also ranked #1 in their selections for 50/50 on FanDuel setting up for three consecutive top 3 finishes.

We are now 17-4 in our 50/50 lineups on Fanduel.

We'd love to keep it going.  

Let's look at tonight's matchup.  Mariota, Hopkins and Coutee have been licking their wounds from the Colts game but should be available to play the Texans tonight.

This is a desperation game the Titans - a fall to 5-6 would put a big dagger into their season and the Texans would take a controlling lead in the division.  

As close as it may be, I still see the Texans improving their home record to 4-1 and winning by a touchdown - maybe 24-17.  So lets look at the 50/50  Rankings:

1.DeShaun Watson HOU QB    FD$17k   1.71

2.Dion Lewis TEN RB                FD$10k   1.50

3.Keke Coutee HOU WR           FD$11k   1.19

4.Ka’imi Fairbaim HOU K           FD$10.5k   1.15

5.Marcus Mariota TEN QB        FD$15k   1.06

6.Ryan Succop TEN K             FD$9.5k   1.05

7.DeAndre Hopkins HOU WR    FD$16.5k   .97 

T-8.Lamar Miller HOU RB             FD$12k   .75

T-8,Corey Davis TEN WR           FD$11.5   .75

10.Demaryius Thomas HOU WR  FD$8.5k   .59 

11.Derrick Henry TEN RB           FD$11k   .45

12.Tajae Sharpe TEN WR           FD$8k   .37

13.Jonnu Smith TEN TE              FD$9k   .33

14.Jordan Thomas HOU TE  2  FD$6.5   .31

So for my lineup, I'm thinking that Watson is a "must have" at any price in this one

Dion Lewis

Keke Coutee

Marcus Mariota 

That gives us the top 4 player positions of value that aren't kickers.

but if I take Mariota, then I only have $7k left and would need to drop to 14 for Jordan.

Hmmm, I could take Ryan Succop and Lamar Miller instead.

Nope, I'm taking Mariota as my 4th and TE Jordan as my 5th leaving $500 in the salary pool.

Good luck picking your lineups for tonight!  I'm all set. 


Monday Night Football - Fanduel 50/50 Nov. 19th 2018

The Kansas City Chiefs at The LA Rams (was supposed to be in Mexico City)

This game is touted as potentially one of the highest scoring games in NFL History!  It's also suggested that this may be a preview to the Superbowl (though the Saints may have something to say about that).

Regardless, this should be an awesome game with lots of scoring.

On a side note, I'm not picking a winner.  My current record combined between my 50/50 game winners and The Top 3 NFL selections each week is 11-1 selecting game winners and 8-2-2 against the spread.  The line on this game is 3 and I too see this as a 3 point difference.  It's a complete coin toss from there.  I do think the Rams will win in a squeaker but the line is perfect.  

The 50/50 100 player record on the year is 14-4 so I'm hoping to go 15-4 but only time will tell.

Last weeks Monday Night game was a loss for the 50/50 as I had Mullens for San Fran but should have had Eli for the NYG - I also had Barkley for the Giants when I should have had Brieda for the 49ers.  Go figure!  Oh well, can't win them all.

There is a lot of potential for a high 50/50 score tonight with many players over the 1+ value on the below rankings:

1. Patrick Mahomes KC QB FD$17k 2.11

2. Kareem Hunt KC RB FD$13.5k 1.93

3. Todd Gurley LAR RB FD$17k 1.77

4. Jared Goff LAR QB FD$15.5 1.69

T-5. Brandon Cooks LAR WR FD12k $1.42

T-5. Tyreek Hill KC WR FD$12k 1.42

7, Greg Zuirlein LAR K FD$9.5k 1.36

T-8. Travis Kelce KC TE FD$12 1.25  

T-8. Harrison Butker KC K FD$8k 1.25

10. Josh Reynolds LAR WR FD$9k 1.23

*11. Chris Conley KC WR FD$5.5k .90

12. Robert Woods LAR WR FD$11k .73

*13. Sammy Watkins KC WR FD$10k .56

*Watkins hasn't practiced all week and although Chris Conley would benefit from that situation, the picture isn't clear.  Proceed with caution! It's leaning toward Watkins not playing.

Also if your wondering where Cooper Kupp is, he's out for the year with a knee injury.

Ok, so now to figure out my lineup.  I definitely want to try to use the entire budget - here goes.

1. Patrick Mahome's a freak and my MVP

2. Kareem Hunt just because of price difference with Todd Gurley

3. Brandon Cooks

4. Tyreek Hill

5. (take a shot) Chris Conley

the good news is that I spent my whole budget - not a penny wasted.  The bad news is that I still see Goff and Gurley out there.

Oh well, that's the 50/50 game, you have to pick and choose.

Good luck setting your lineup!  Lots of choices this week.

Monday Night Rankings - Fanduel Rankings-50/50

The New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers

This Monday Night Football game is a tough one to pick a winner.  The 49ers looked great last week with their new QB Mullens having an awesome coming out party but it was against the Raiders who make everyone look great.  

The NY Giants have a lot of weapons that combined give them a 1-7 record.  They haven't recorded a win since week 3. 

This weeks NFL football lines has San Fran is favored by 3 which is homefield.

I think that's an accurate line and I'm NOT picking a winner in this game.  I just think the line is about right. BUT what I will do is give the 50/50 rankings which will hopefully help you win at FanDuel.

Anyone not on this list, in my opinion, isn't worth playing as far as Fantasy Value. Here’s our FanDuel rankings:

Kendrick Bourne WR SF FD$6k 2.00

Nick Mullens QB SF FD$15 1.60

Eli Manning QB NYG FD$14k 1.21

Odell Beckham Jr. WR NYG FD$15k 1,20

Saquon Barkley RB NYG FD$17k 1.17

George Kittle TE SF FD$13.5k 1,04

Matt Breida RB SF FD$10k .90

Aldrick Rosas K NYG FD$9k .88

Robbie Gould K SF FD$9k .54

Marquise Goodwin WR SF FD$7.5 .40

Evan Engram TE NYG FD$9.5k .31

Bonus Add-In (for the benefit of needing another low $ option. )

Alfred Morris RB SF FD$6.5 ?

The other backup Mostert had a season ending injury last week  which may give Morris more touches.

I will create my lineup from this group.  Bourne is the key.  He's starting in place of an injured Garcon.

Here's my personal 50/50 lineup:

S Barkley MVP

K. Bourne 

O. Beckham

N. Mullens

A. Morris

leaving $500 of wasted budget.

The reason that Barkley is my MVP is the uncertainty of Mullens 2nd start, the inconsistency of Beckham.

We'll that's my lineup.  Good Luck with yours.