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The Winning Fans prides itself on giving you guys the best picks possible. Using different algorithms, spreadsheets, and brain power we are able to make sports gambling enjoyable. Our Writers spend countless hours just to give you the best chances at winning some money!


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Here at The Winning Fans, we love everything to do with sports! We hope to make the sports experience just as enjoyable to all of our visitors! Our unique platform for sports fans including daily free picks for sports betting and FanDuel selections will give you a winning experience like no other site!


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As fellow sports fans, we enhance your fandom in a variety of ways including tips for your sports betting, free picks, and much more. Depending on the season, we offer insight and entertainment on NCAA Basketball, NFL, NHL, NBA including gambling insight, Fantasy Lineups, that will give you a leg up on other sports fans. Our goal is to make any visiting sports fan not only a fan, but a Winning Fan!

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